Supply Chain Consultants


Can help to develop your supply chain structure to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Supply chain consultantsSupply Chain Consultants

The digital age is having an impact on an organisation’s supply chain structure. The traditional supply chain model was seen as a group of functions and needs to change with the times. How we develop supply chain strategy and implement supply chain solutions will define our path and level of success. The aim is build a competitive advantage from a strong supply chain and logistics foundation.

Our supply chain consulting firm has the experience and runs on the board to develop and implement the right supply chain strategy for your business. Our supply chain consultants enjoy the challenge of working on a new project to showcase their skills.

Supply Chain consulting services

A Supply chain network evaluation and design. We take the time to understand your existing supply chain network and look at how we can create opportunities to implement new supply chain strategies. We look at where warehouses are located within your supply chain network to understand if each site is sustainable. We need to understand:

  1. How much inventory investment is actually required each year to support the network of warehouses.
  2. Understand the flow of inventory from multiple sources into each warehouse, the cost to support your supply chain network.
  3. The existing capability and life of storage systems, racking, sortation systems and MHE cost and capability.
  4. What ERP/WMS/RF technologies are currently being used to manage your supply chain and are these scaleable?
  5. Is outsourcing to a 3PL a viable business model for your business or do you continue to manage your own warehouses?


Experienced Consultants

Our team of supply chain and logistics consultants have helped global businesses grow. Having built our experience across a broad range of industries, makes the task of helping your business that much easier.

Our strength is to convert the strategy into a real life solution and then implement.

Your supply chain has always been seen as a network. We see your supply chain in modules or parts. It is much easier to make a part more efficient and cost effective. This is our focus, by working on each part of your supply chain, we can optimise performance. Dealing with an entire supply chain network at times proves to be the wrong approach. The project becomes very complex and does not address the core issues.