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Improve physical logistics, transportation, warehouse layout, goods flow, MHE, storage solutions and retrieval systems.

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As Logistics consultants we analyze all information that will help us to identify and solve any logistics and supply chain operation problems that are impacting our clients performance.

We are able to provide advice on productivity, efficiency, materials handling equipment, storage solutions, packaging, order processing, systems, procedures and quality control.

The outcomes are improvements that change the way your business operates:

1. Changes to warehouse layout and design
2. Better storage solutions for products
3. Integrated systems reduce process delays
4. Reducing operational cycle times
5. Utilise resources more efficiently
6. Control & Reduce excess costs.
7. Focus on performance driven metrics.

Freight and distribution industries are changing daily. The focus on consolidation, growing demands for changes in shipping and the ability to meet shorter response times places pressure on organisations to have an efficient "End to End Logistics solution".

Key Issues for Logistics Consultants:

  1. What is the optimum size of our logistics network of warehouses and how do we compare to our competition?
  2. Should we centralise our inventory into a main distribution centre or continue to run our warehouses independently?
  3. What would it cost to establish a warehouse in a particular location and how much freight cost would be saved?
  4. Our transportation costs getting out of control, is there a better way to delivery orders to customers more efficiently and at a lower cost?
  5. We are really challenged for space and will need to expand into a new warehouse. Do we look at outsourcing to a 3PL provider, what will this cost and are we better off in the long run?


"Logistics Consultants unlock your logistics operation to be more efficient and responsive"....


Our logistics consultants have the experience and know how from years of practical application to implement the right logistics solutions for your business. Whether its a new warehouse, an established distribution centre or a logistics outsourced 3PL operation, we have undertaken a number of these projects in the past "we know what to look for and how a solution can best be applied"

Logistics Assessment

Let us review your business with a logistics assessment that will help define how your business will operate in the future. There are many respected logistics consulting firms that can deliver change to your business, our focus is on integrating systems that embraces supply chain excellence.


Feel free to contact our office for advice or to discuss any specific project requirements.