Logistics Simulation

Logistics Simulation

Develop a logistics model to view your entire operation in a virtual setting. This creates the opportunity better understand your business through a number of scenarios.

Most of the problem area's can be identified, modified and re run to capture the impact. The use of Logistics simulation modelling as a stand alone application or fully integrated with your ERP/WMS provides greater capability for your business.

Logistics Simulation Demo

A demo is a great way to understand what Logistics Simulation can achieve. We construct your logistics network to understand its effectiveness in meeting customer demand, capture product movement throughout your warehouse operations and display how efficient your logistics network could be with changes to each scenario.

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Inbound deliveries

Delivery schedules can be modified daily to balance dock space, equipment and resources. Vehicle arrival, unloading and exist times can be captured to allow for better truck management and cost control. Share the data with each transport provider and incorporate SLA's for continuous improvement.

Receiving Function

Working within the existing layout of your recieving area, you can measure any aspect of the recieving operation from point of arrival to the time goods are made available for picking. Measure deliveries, pallets or cartons and resources to understand throughput, efficiency and cost.


By using both inventory and order data, replenishment cycles can be minimised by directing resources and equipment to place inventory where it is most needed. Resource and equipment travel distance can be reduced by optimising the replenishment process.

Order Picking

Release order data into the model to measure pick efficiency and effectiveness by targeting customer delivery dates. Prioritise the allocation and release process to maximise resource time and cost for your business. Crew planning is made easier as FTE's and casual resources can be redeployed to where effort is required across the business.


Modify the existing despatch layout to achieve optimum process capability. Understand how much effort is required to build pallets for loads, use of a sortation system versus building pallets in fixed footprints, measure load time through to final despatch, the options are endless.

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