Supply Chain Consolidation | Retail

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  • Client :Retail
  • Date :22 Jan
  • Tags :Supply Chain

Supply Chain Consolidation | Retail

Large retail supply organisation with over 36 locations in Australia acquired a smaller business to compliment their existing product range and services. The integration involved terminating multiple site leases and integrating the entire operation into a central distribution centre.

Core Problem

  • Running both Microsoft Dynamics and SAP was cost prohibitive.
  • Supply chain foot print of 6 warehouses, $14m in Inventory and 60 FTE’s.
  • Vendor management of inbound consignments extremely poor, no SLA's.
  • Purchasing, planning and replenishment were all outside their ERP systems.
  • Paper based systems, processes, extensive delays and lack of KPI’s.


Problem resolution

  • All systems integrated with SAP ERP platform to support the business.
  • Centralised distribution and closed multiple remote/satelite warehouses.
  • Competencey based training and awareness programs implemented.
  • Centrallised inventory strategy implemented to control investment.
  • Standardised purchasing and planning functions to support strategy.
  • Vendor management improvements implemented, standards and SLA metrics.