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Supply Chain Consolidation | Retail

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  • Date :22 Jan
  • Tags :Supply Chain
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Supply Chain Consolidation | Retail


Large retail supply organisation with over 36 locations in Australia acquired a smaller business to compliment their existing product range and services. The integration involved terminating multiple site leases and integrating the entire operation into a central distribution centre.

Core Problem

The option of operating Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems was cost prohibitive.
Supply chain foot print consisted of 6 warehouses, holding over $14m in Inventory and 60 FTE’s.
Vendor management for inbound consignments was extremely poor lacking SLA standards.
Purchasing, Planning and reordering were all undertaken in MS Excel outside the ERP system.
All warehouse operations were paper based, extensive delays in order supply, inbound processing and lack of KPI’s.

Problem resolution

Systems were integrated to an SAP ERP platform all aspects of the business.
All warehouse operations were closed and distribution centralized in a primary distribution centre.
Staff training and awareness of new products added to portfolio.
Full relocation of inventory into best storage and pick solutions supported by paperless pick process.
Purchasing and Planning functions centralised and standardised within existing business protocols.
Vendor management improvements after the introduction of performance standards and SLA metrics.