WMS Implementation

Portfolio Information

  • Client :Retail Client
  • Date :19 Oct
  • Tags :WMS, Systems

WMS Implementation

WMS Implementation Project

WMS implementation for a national retail organisation in their central distribution centre located in Sydney Australia. This main DC is the primary stocking point for over 36000 sku's with inventory holdings exceeding $45,000,000

WMS Implementation Roadmap.

Core Problem

  1. Existing AS400 ERP platform was not able to support warehouse functionality in a realtime environment
  2. All warehouse processes were paper based including: Goods receiving, put-away, picking, despatch, and stocktake.
  3. Warehouse order fulfilment was lengthy and prone to error, lost orders and incorrect picks.
  4. Inventory record accuracy was below 50% due to delays in processing.
  5. Cost of labour was exceedingly high due to overtime due to resource planning issues to support order allocation.


  1. Initially commissioned to develop RFP to select best available WMS. Assessments proved cost prohibutive, plan B was developed.
  2. Designed the system and developed functional specifications for the internal IT resources to develop and in house application.
  3. System fully developed, tested and implemented to support 48 users with RF capability for inwards receipting, stock movements, stock transfers, replenishment and picking.
  4. System fully operational within 2 weeks from go live to achieve 20% improvement in cycletime and efficiency.
  5. New warehouse layout was also implemented to support barcode scanning functionality for pick face, bulk and block stack locations.
  6. Greater visibility achieved to manage customer orders, resource planning and workflow management.
  7. Labour cost significantly reduced for the entire operation, saving the equivalent of 15 FTE's.