Supply Chain Technology Assessment
Supply Chain Technology Assessment

Supply Chain Technology Assessment

Organisations with "Best practice supply chain's" achieve their ongoing success by constantly pushing the envelope to always challenge the capability of their supply chain processes and technology solutions. Their continuous improvement plans are focused on maximising the level of integration between systems and processes which deliver ongoing benefits, namely efficiency and cost. Alignment enables better decision making outcomes as information flow, data integrity and timeliness are all achieved to support a continuous improvement cycle towards "Best Practice Supply Chain Performance". 

Our supply chain technology assessment encompassess a full end to end review of existing supply chain technologies and systems that are currently deployed across your operations. This encompasses a review of the core components of your supply chain systems and their relationships to existing processes that are driven by supply chain planning, supply chain execution and supply chain performance management within a warehouse environment. Its the relationship between your ERP, WMS and other technologies that are deployed in your sites.

 Having completed a number of supply chain technology assessments for our clients over the years, we a fully aware that your technology systems may be complicated, are not utilised to their potential or may not be fully embraced across the organisation. Our aim is to identify the performance gaps that are a barrier to improving supply chain performance and incorporating solutions within a road map for implementation. Past supply chain technology focus areas include:

  • Dated ERP systems in need of upgrades and functionality enhancements
  • Recently deployed ERP systems that are in need of fine tuning
  • ERP systems in assessment phase in readines for implementation
  • Existing WMS systems requiring fine tuning, planning settings etc
  • New WMS in readiness for deployment
  • RF systems and voice pick technologies

ERP Scope of works

  • The nature of your business to understand core ERP functionality
  • Review of current operating procedures to support the ERP
  • Review of settings and planning parameters driving MRP and DRP
  • Identification of data integrity areas due to interfacing set up.

Planned outcomes 

  • Improvements in the inventory master file
  • Changes to planning parameters for MRP
  • Changes to planning parameters for DRP
  • Modification to operating procedures to support changes

WMS Scope of works

  •  A high level review of supply chain process flow: data, documents and transactions
  • Compile an inventory of technology deployed or in use by function
  • Review of the extent to which these tools are being used.
  • Identify opportunities for technology to be used.

Planned outcomes

Our technology review is designed to identify technology gaps that are impacting on your organisations ability to leverage improvements and develop a road map with a staged implementation plan:
  • Provide a final state process flow which incorporates technology being used by function.
  • The asset review will incorporate an upgrading or replacement plan.
  • A plan to correct gaps where existing tools are not being used to optimum levels.
  • A deployment plan for technology opportunities by function

Terms and Conditions

Our offer is based on providing an assessment service to a single business entity.