Optimise supply chain ERP technology
Optimise supply chain ERP technology

Optimise supply chain ERP technology

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is typically the engine of your business for managing static and dynamic data from various core modules: Financial management; Supply chain management; Manufacturing and Business intelligence. Although each module is important, the most important factor we feel is the level of integration that the ERP system provides your business for management, reporting and decision making.

Supply chain technology within a warehouse environment has contributed to an increase in warehouse productivity for a number of organisations. A warehouse management system is the brains trust of the warehouse operation. The WMS is typically integrated or part of an ERP system, which translates customer orders to pick requirements where  operators will use various forms of supply chain technology to complete their task. These forms of warehouse technology include: hand held RF scanners, finger scanners, pick to light technology or pick to voice.

Our assessment focus on understanding what technology is used to support your warehouse operation, its effectivenes, efficiency and accuracy.

ERP assessment

Our ERP assessment concentrates on identifying the extent to which your system is not being utilised and building on these gaps to improve performance.

Scope of works

Our approach is to spend time with your topic experts who contribute to the management and support of your ERP system. This initial stage will provide a level of awareness and specifically focus's on:
  • The nature of your business to understand core ERP functionality
  • Review of current operating procedures to support the ERP
  • Review of settings and planning parameters driving MRP and DRP
  • Identification of data integrity areas due to interfacing set up.

Planned outcomes

Our aim is to formulate a road map that assist your business in implementing the changes identified that will improve the performance of your ERP and provide better planning and financial management outcomes by:
  • Improvements in the inventory master file
  • Changes to planning parameters for MRP
  • Changes to planning parameters for DRP
  • Modification to operating procedures to support changes

Warehouse technology assessment

This involves a review of all forms of technology currently being used by your business to support the warehouse operation from receiving through to final despatch.

Scope of works

Our approach is to spend time with your topic experts who currently use any form of technology to understand the following:
  • A high level review of supply chain process flow: data, documents and transactions.
  • Compile an inventory of technology deployed or in use by function.
  • Review of the extent to which these tools are being used.
  • Identify opportunities for technology to be used.

Planned outcomes

Our technology review is designed to identify technology gaps that are impacting on your organisations ability to leverage improvements and develop a road map with a staged implementation plan:
  • Provide a final state process flow which incorporates technology being used by function.
  • The asset review will incorporate an upgrading or replacement plan.
  • A plan to correct gaps where existing tools are not being used to optimum levels.
  • A deployment plan for technology opportunities by function
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